Dear Los Altos community:

It is with great sadness that I am announcing we are not moving forward with the First Street Green development project.

I love Los Altos. It is a fabulous town. As a native of this area, I appreciate how Los Altos has kept its charm and has focused on the citizens of the town. We have a fabulous community and I wish to contribute to the vibrancy and closeness that we have today.

The First Street Green project was conceived with the hope of contributing vibrancy and community space to the town. Unfortunately, the First Street Green project as proposed became unsustainable due to overall costs, opposition by some, and the likelihood of a long and increasingly expensive process.

I remain devoted to the town and I am hopeful that future opportunities to partner with the town will emerge. I am not easily deterred and I look at this as a change of course rather than a step away.

I have been lucky to meet many people in the community through this project and have been inspired by the overwhelming support for a community focused development initiative. I am grateful to all of you who supported First Street Green and grateful for my team who worked tirelessly to make this happen. To those in the community who opened their homes to host events in support of the project and showed up at hearings to speak in support while wearing green, thank you for joining us. I am also thankful for the feedback from the individuals who were skeptical of the project as it helped me better understand the needs and priorities of the community.

Thank you as well to the city council and staff for the hours of work and dedicated time listening to our proposals. This work will not be wasted as I believe we all learned a lot and can do better next time.

Anne Wojcicki